"To search and suspect"

Police brutality is a rising concern within the communities of America, causing segregation and fear from those who are there to serve and protect the public. It is clear to see that not all that work in the police force intend to inflict harm onto innocent civilians and use the level of authority to gain power. 61% of officers are not likely to report serious abuse carried out by a fellow officer, therefore my campaign aims to directly target those who are considered ‘good apples’ in the police force and encourage them to take action against the crimes committed by reporting them anonymously through the website or a higher ranking officer. Through the use of a poster I have portrayed a strong message which conveys partially what society is beginning to feel towards the police force. The poster overall is the best medium to convey a message in the selected environment (police departments) and could potentially be used in police training to inform officers new to the job about the campaign. 

Overall I believe the project was successful and communicates to the right audience enabling the right people to take action in head on approach on a concerning issue, without afflicting their profession. With the right amount of resources and a flight to America I would approach the project slightly differently by producing training videos for the police force to use and supporting training classes as narrowed down from research the main aspect that causes police brutality derives from the fierce training that takes place in the police force.